Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Rental

High Security and Heavy Duty
Keeping Documents Secret and Confidential

Consider the security of your printed documents and hire the appropriate paper shredder for your needs.

  • U2 Events provides the solution to your short term paper shredder rental requirements with a range of high security and heavy duty shredders available to rent.
  • All our paper shredders are checked and maintained regularly – and always before any hire period.
  • Our very competitive rental rates for heavy duty and high security paper shredders make them an ideal choice for any office environment or event.
  • Our shredders are supplied with spare bags and lubrication oils (where applicable).
  • Single unit rentals require a minimum of 1 week’s hire – for larger quantities please enquire.
  • We will deliver, site and install your paper shredders – please request a quotation.
  • Alternatively, see our safe and secure Local Shredding Service (South East)

International Standard for Security Levels

The old international standard DIN 32757 for shredder security levels has been updated by the EU with the new DIN 66399. The new standard has introduced a plethora of permutations so we have provided a simplified explanation below to assist in choosing the best option for your shredding requirements.

Level 5, SECRET – Medium to High Security.

These must shred documents into cross cut particles no bigger than 30mm2 (usually 2mm x 15mm). These tiny particles are often referred to as “Micro Cut”. Recommended for secret documents, which may include documents that would jeopardise personal or institutional safety if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

Levels 3 and 4, CONFIDENTIAL – Medium Security.

These machines cut paper into strips under 2mm or most often into cross cut particles (like confetti). With cross cut shredding you will get up to 5 times as much into your bag, meaning less emptying and fewer bags.

Level 4 cross cut – These must shred documents into cross cut particles no bigger than 160mm2 (usually 3.9mm x 40mm).

Level 3 cross cut – These must shred documents into cross cut particles no bigger than 320mm2 (e.g. 5.8mm x 50mm).

Recommended for all confidential documents including company internal documents, personal data, sales and marketing plans etc.

Level 2, INTERNAL – Low to Medium Security.

Level 2 consists of long strips of paper, cutting a sheet of A4 into approximately 100 strips. Shredded strips must be under 6mm in width. These are best suited for internal home or small office information. The shredded strips can also be used as packaging filler.

Our Level 2 shredders are perfect for use in the office when you need to dispose of large volumes of non sensitive material. They are also ideal to rent for use at meetings and conferences, where you would prefer to destroy documents rather than empty into a recycle bin.